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Date: Friday, July 24, 1998 5:28 AM
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>* "Dan Kaminsky" <
>| My one *real* beef with Linux people are those who refuse to see that
>| really are some smart people at Microsoft UI.  I think the UI folks and
>| compatibility guys seriously deserve respect.  Businesswise, Microsoft is
>| slime, and most of the code is Spagetti Hell, but 'cept for some
>| there's some really good stuff that comes out of microsoft UI.
>| Compatibility too--glibc v. libc5?  Wossat?  :-)
>There most probably smart people at Microsoft. Most are in the
>marketing division though. But talking about GUI and Windows the list
>on Hall of Shame is veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy long.

The Hall of Shame has baselining problems.  Can you imagine if that thing
was as harsh on web pages and on Java Applets?  The Hall of Shame attacks
one of the best interfaces in modern use without nominating anything better.
I just taught myself QuarkXPress and that app will linger in my dreams as
the worst designed UI in modern release.

It's fashionable to bash Microsoft.  It's so damn fashionable that people do
it even when they shouldn't, which give those who *should* bash Microsoft a
bad name.

>When I said that Start should be implemented was because the foot on
>the panel is nice as is. It has a much better structure as Games,
>Network, Graphics etc are divided into categories. Not just one long
>list of the apps you have installed.

There should be a list of apps you've installed.  It should just organize by
category and NOT by author.

>| I agree.  Voice, if even supported by the screenplay patches, must be 1)
>| highly compressed and 2) deletable without making the original help file
>| senseless.
>No it should not be installed unless one chooses so... Thus one can
>also choose not to download it.

CODECs can be pretty small.  If not, I agree with this.

Text Screenplay capability should be standard, indeed it should be LSB.

>| They could still do it, with the support of breakpoints.  Go into a demo,
>| watch it with breakpoints off beginning to end, then start over, and go
>| by step.
>Making it harder than actually using the app.

Well, since usually you load help if you're STUCK on an app, some degree of
thought is acceptable.

What's hard about a [ |> ] button equal play without breakpoints and [ "|> ]
being pause while playing, i.e. play to next breakpoint?

>| >If we are talking about people with disabilities, that's another
>| >issue.
>| They matter, thus my recent modifications to the X Screenplay concept.
>God! I did not say they did not matter! I said it was another issue
>and thus referring to the argument. Of course they matter.

Damn, I hate political correctness.  One bad move and someone thinks they
offended you.  Eep.

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