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| My one *real* beef with Linux people are those who refuse to see that there
| really are some smart people at Microsoft UI.  I think the UI folks and the
| compatibility guys seriously deserve respect.  Businesswise, Microsoft is
| slime, and most of the code is Spagetti Hell, but 'cept for some mistakes,
| there's some really good stuff that comes out of microsoft UI.
| Compatibility too--glibc v. libc5?  Wossat?  :-)

There most probably smart people at Microsoft. Most are in the
marketing division though. But talking about GUI and Windows the list
on Hall of Shame is veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy long.

When I said that Start should be implemented was because the foot on
the panel is nice as is. It has a much better structure as Games,
Network, Graphics etc are divided into categories. Not just one long
list of the apps you have installed. 

| I agree.  Voice, if even supported by the screenplay patches, must be 1)
| highly compressed and 2) deletable without making the original help file
| senseless.

No it should not be installed unless one chooses so... Thus one can
also choose not to download it.

| They could still do it, with the support of breakpoints.  Go into a demo,
| watch it with breakpoints off beginning to end, then start over, and go step
| by step.

Making it harder than actually using the app. 
| >If we are talking about people with disabilities, that's another
| >issue.

| They matter, thus my recent modifications to the X Screenplay concept.

God! I did not say they did not matter! I said it was another issue
and thus referring to the argument. Of course they matter.
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