Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

> The Hall of Shame has baselining problems.  Can you imagine if that thing
> was as harsh on web pages and on Java Applets?  The Hall of Shame attacks
> one of the best interfaces in modern use without nominating anything better.
> I just taught myself QuarkXPress and that app will linger in my dreams as
> the worst designed UI in modern release.
> It's fashionable to bash Microsoft.  It's so damn fashionable that people do
> it even when they shouldn't, which give those who *should* bash Microsoft a
> bad name.

	This list is becoming too high traffic.  ;^)  However, as the
originator of the Hall of Shame link, I'd like to point a few things out.
(1) They have been up for a long time now.  Before Microsoft bashing came
into season.
(2) They aren't saying that ALL Microsoft interfaces are bad.  In fact, if
you look at the Hall of FAME, they LOVE most of the stuff.  They don't
like MS software when it doesn't conform to their own style guides, or
violates some rules of GUI design.  They aren't saying MS is evil of


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