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Date: Friday, July 24, 1998 5:29 AM
Subject: Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>* "Dan Kaminsky" <
>| >I realise that this probably will be too much to ask, as nobody (at
>| >least very few) enjoys writing docs. Therefore I think it is best to
>| >expect a manual and a guided tour. If the manual gets too long it
>| >could be divided into smaller easy to swallow manuals :)
>| Boy, if there was ever an argument for screenplay(cuz it's not video, and
>| it's not text) tutorials!  It's MUCH easier to write a screenplay
>| than to write documentation, and it's more effective too.  "OK, lets go
>| by item and write down or say what it does."
>How would you explain to a person that he cannot insert two spaces in
>a row in LyX ?

By having a screenplay called "two spaces" that would show how to change the
status of, say, intersentance distance.  What's interesting is that this
screenplay could be hyperlinked into, i.e. the text in anohter video could
have blue color and underlines.

So, for example, you're working on a troubleshooter screenplay.  The text
comes up:

"If your error says 'you suck', click _HERE_"  "If your error says 'Hello
Mr. Gates', click _HERE_"  and you'd be referenced to a specific frame of
another help screenplay or the same screenplay.

Could be interesting.

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