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* sun
| Preben Randhol wrote:
| > I am not used to it. :) At any rate I still think it will confuse the
| > user enough to be a big annoyance. Because it's small it will look
| > like a decoration and it really doesn't say anything about the
| > underlying menu items.
| again i'd like to point out that history has already proven to the
| contrary, with the gui os's that came before win95 and x.

And if I remeber correctly one of the OS-es was Mac and the other
Atari. Atari I haven't used, sorry. But you cannot compere the mach
apple-pixmap with the foot as the Mac has a different menu system that
works the same way for all the apps. And that this particular
menu-item isn't really related to the program except for the About.

But as I said lets try it out. Lets see how it works in reality [that
is not ascii art :)].  

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