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| (2) The pixmap won't change size depending on the application.  gless and
| gConfigApplication will have the same size menu item.

Neither will Main nor Program.

| (3) Users are already used to menu items which come from pictures. 
| (Netscape for the Mac, for example.)  (Or the icon menu on Windows!) If
| this is a concern, we can have some sort of standard graphic which is
| added to a pixmap to represent the fact that a menu will open when
| clicked. 

I am not used to it. :) At any rate I still think it will confuse the
user enough to be a big annoyance. Because it's small it will look
like a decoration and it really doesn't say anything about the
underlying menu items.

But is Gnome supposed to be something for Windows and Mac users only?
Or should it be useful to Linux people too?

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