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| On 10 Jul 1998, Preben Randhol wrote:
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| > | (2) The pixmap won't change size depending on the application.  gless and
| > | gConfigApplication will have the same size menu item.
| > Neither will Main nor Program.
| 	Yessss...  But, to me, Main and Program don't signify the correct
| feel for this menu.  Let's try a screen diagram....

I think we should start making a program that can serve as a test app
for the different GUI things we argue over. Then we can test the menu
out and see how things work...

| > But is Gnome supposed to be something for Windows and Mac users only?
| > Or should it be useful to Linux people too?
| 	*Ahem* You seem to have mistaken me for a Windows or Mac user. 

Nah:) Just that there was so much talk about Windows & Mac users :)

| 	Which brings me to another problem I've been looking at.  What is
| the bevavior of the menus when the window is too small to hold them?  The

Try and resize gtt. You will see that the rest of the menubar (and
window) simly will disappear. You have to resize the window out again to get
the whole menubar visible. One can of course use the usize function

| Mac doesn't have the problem.  (Well, I've never seen a screen that

neither is the Mac solution any good. :)

| small...)  Windows 3.1 just made the Menu bar too lines long...  (This
| caused other problems.)  Windows 98 makes the menu look like this:
| | File Edit Calculate Crash > |
| 	The '>' will scroll the menu to the left.  I don't LIKE this
| solution, but it shows thought about the problem...

No doesn't sound nice. I think it is kind of OK the way things are
now. If the menubar gets too long the programmer should limit the
number of menus and use submenus more...

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