Re: Print

George wrote:

> > | this means: can we get rid of the feet in the "drawers" on the panel? as
> after the failed attempts to use gimp (most notably wanda and my gnome logo,
> the one that was supposed to get the most votes but people were brainwashed
> into liking feet instead of smiley faces on acid ... it must have been
> a conspiracy:) ... I decided I'm better in using vi then gimp and stopped
> torturing wilber

<laugh> well, we sure do appreciate what you do in vi, anyway. even
wilbur, i bet. anyway, my quickie brainstorm was to put a skinny tab on
the end of the drawer with the same pixmap as the tab on the left of the
menu bar of, say, gedit. it'll be a bit smaller and less obtrusive, and
it already exists so it requires less wilbur-torture. :)

"Whoever saves one life saves the whole world in time." --Talmud

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