feet in the panel (send me pixmaps)

On Fri, Jul 10, 1998 at 03:28:10AM +0000, sun wrote:
> this is a good idea and makes a lot of sense.
> allow me to propose, however, that we start limiting the use of the
> foot. once per app and once on the panel is, imo, plenty. the idea can
> get overkilled.
> this means: can we get rid of the feet in the "drawers" on the panel? as
> far as i can tell they have no valuable feature attached to them yet.
> they just sit there and hog up an extra square half-inch of desktop real
> estate.

if you are reffering to the handles .. they are the only place that you can
usually get the pahnel menu for the drawer .. so they need to be there ...
I also don't like small buttons or stuff like that so they are large so that
they are easy to hit ... plus without it you wouldn't be able to add stuff
to the drawer in the first place

as for the use of the foot in the panel .... I CAN'T DRAW ... so I just use 
a pixmap that's in the cvs ... I wanted a drawer for the widget button and
a handle for the "handle" (the end of the button) .... if someone sends
me pixmaps of a drawer and a handle I'd be more then happy to remove the
feet (in fact the drawer button is already configurable now) ... but
I agree that there is an overuse of feet ... but it's just because I don't
draw (my attempt to draw a drawer ended horribly)

ALSO if someone could edit out the background on the menu icon and put nice
black background around it so that it looks good with 1bit alpha, just like
several other icons are .. I'd be very happy ... (I'd like to keep a foot
for the main menu ... though maybe using gegl (the official panel mascot)
might also be cool :)

> this also means: the panel will also need a way to change the icon of
> each drawer. simple: in the contextual menu there should be a choice to
> configure the applet; one of the choices in this dialog box should be
> the icon filename. probably this was already planned; could somebody
> who's quick with code get this change committed? even if someone
> disagrees with my idea of limiting footprints, i'd still like to be able
> to assign unique icons to my "network application" drawer, my "graphics
> application" drawer, my "system monitoring" drawer, etc. :)

this is there ... also .. you can assign a tooltip to each drawer as well
(you need the cvs version to get this however .. I don't think it was in


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