Re: Print

John R Sheets wrote:

> Yeah, and come to think of it, they'll already be used to
> clicking on feet to get menus, from working with the panel.  (c:

this is a good idea and makes a lot of sense.

allow me to propose, however, that we start limiting the use of the
foot. once per app and once on the panel is, imo, plenty. the idea can
get overkilled.

this means: can we get rid of the feet in the "drawers" on the panel? as
far as i can tell they have no valuable feature attached to them yet.
they just sit there and hog up an extra square half-inch of desktop real

this also means: the panel will also need a way to change the icon of
each drawer. simple: in the contextual menu there should be a choice to
configure the applet; one of the choices in this dialog box should be
the icon filename. probably this was already planned; could somebody
who's quick with code get this change committed? even if someone
disagrees with my idea of limiting footprints, i'd still like to be able
to assign unique icons to my "network application" drawer, my "graphics
application" drawer, my "system monitoring" drawer, etc. :)
"Whoever saves one life saves the whole world in time." --Talmud

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