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* sun
| John R Sheets wrote:
| this means: can we get rid of the feet in the "drawers" on the panel? as

yes please, they give me the Win 3.11 creeps. :) You remeber the
program where there was only one kind of icons for every window :)

| this also means: the panel will also need a way to change the icon of
| each drawer. simple: in the contextual menu there should be a choice to
| configure the applet; one of the choices in this dialog box should be
| the icon filename. probably this was already planned; could somebody
| who's quick with code get this change committed? even if someone
| disagrees with my idea of limiting footprints, i'd still like to be able
| to assign unique icons to my "network application" drawer, my "graphics
| application" drawer, my "system monitoring" drawer, etc. :)

I agree.

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