Re: Style Guide suggestion

* Marko Macek
| Preben Randhol wrote:
| Do you think it's a good idea to have both:
|  - File|Preferences for app options
|  - File|Properties for document options (this belongs in the File menu).

I think that a menu item called Properties and one called Preferences
would be confusing. I think it is better to have _one_ Preferences
which is a notebook-window like this: 

 _____________    __________
/ Application \  / Document \ 
|               ---------------------|
|                                    |
|                                    |

If one don't have application preferences then one just remove this
page and of course the same applies to the document properties.

It might not be preferable to use notebook style, but the main idea is
to collect all the different setting into one window for fast and easy
| BTW: Does anyone know how these translate to other languages?

In Norwegian : Properties  -- Egenskaper
               Preferences -- Innstillinger (This doesn't translate
                                             directly, but it provides 
                                             the same meaning. It is
                                             closer to settings I think.)

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