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| On 6 Jul 1998, Preben Randhol wrote:
| 	There are several master plans.  The WM or the panel could grab
| the floating menu and display it in a way comfortable to NeXT and Mac
| people...  It could float, but dissappear when the window loses focus.
| (Not for those like me who like FocusFollowsMouse.)  There are many
| options.
| 	I've been pushing for tear off menus, and I've been trying to code
| it for GTK+, but with little success.  Tear off menus are MUCH more useful
| IMHO than tear off menubars.  

This would be better I think. That is I understand is like this. You
have a Insert menu that you use a lot to insert different
objects. You tear it off and place it next to the window (the
whole menu would be displayed as a frameless window). Then one can very
quickly press on the different menu items with the mouse.

Speaking of menus and configurable programs. What would be nice was if
one could make a widget that one could use to configure key bindings to
all the different menus. It is always annoying when there is this one
menu item you use a lot that the author hasn't bound to any key(s).
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