Coding (was Re: Style Guide suggestion)

* Marko Macek
| Preben Randhol wrote:
| > 
| > * Marko Macek
| > | Gleef wrote:
| > | > Therefore I would vote that Preferences... be required to be under File.
| > | > It's not pretty, but it would be consistant.  And besides, Preferences are
| > | > stored in a File, so it isn't a non-sensical location.
| > |
| > | I disagree. File menu should only contain options related to the file.
| > 
| > Where should one put Quit/Exit then? :)
| That is an exception for now. It could be removed (replaced by Close) 

No, I think this is a Bad Thing(TM). How should one differentiate
between closing a file or a new window (look at Netscape) of some sort
and the application itself.

I think that if one pushes logic too far here one will lose not only
programmers, but also user friendliness in the programs. I think it is
better that one makes a system where the user itself can configure the
software too its liking too a comfortable degree. 

We will then need a library that can handle the menus so that all
programs will work in the same way and most importantly it will be
easy to code. Because we need programs and programmers.

Many programs made using the GTK/GDK libraries are not Gnome
applications. It would be very useful if it was easy to "port" a GTK
program to a Gnome application. All this very useful GUI stuff should
be easy to add to a program otherwise, I fear, many won't bother doing
a Gnome version.

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