Re: Style Guide suggestion

>>>>> "Evan" == Evan Lawrence <> writes:

    Evan> Along this same thread, would having a separate "Options"
    Evan> menu the way gEdit does be going against the style guide? I
    Evan> personally like being able to quickly hit the drop-down menu
    Evan> and change the option that way, instead of having to go
    Evan> through a dialog, but it looks like the style guide has been
    Evan> leaning towards requiring a separate dialog. Any thoughts
    Evan> there?

This would also enable use, to have a "Save options" entry in this
menu, implementing the following behavior: Just changing an option,
changes the setting for the running application.  The application must
make sure, that this configuration is restored, if this application is
restarted and using session management.  Selecting the "Save options"
entry makes these options the default for every new instance of this
application (so, a probably better name would be "Make default", or
something like this).


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