Re: Style Guide (For Bowie as well)

Tom Vogt wrote:

> hmm... you have just created a new section called "alternative ideas".

> that's the way I would like to put it in my sg. put those things which seem
> to be the best and/or have the majority of people behind them into the main
> part, but everything else that's feasable and all into there, so that it's
> not dropped and can be revived should the main option turn out to be crap.

Bowie also said this was a good idea (he responded to my mail).  If both of
you agree to this concept, there should be no problems - because everything
would be encorporated into the document, anyway.  I do think to much
importance has been given to the conference, (I don't think I will be able to
attend - like many people it seems) and we haven't seen the ideas that have
been expressed get written down anywhere.

How about we wait until the conference is over - I think Bowie intends to
start doing this stuff then.

Andrew Clausen

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