Re: [gnome-flashback] Issues with gnome-flashback on Ubuntu 16.04

On 23/12/2015 07:37 μμ, Alberts Muktupāvels wrote:
Does it happens only with compositing manager enabled?

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 5:13 PM, Alkis Georgopoulos <alkisg gmail com
<mailto:alkisg gmail com>> wrote:

    8) When logging in from lightdm or any other DM,
    in previous gnome-session-flashback versions we were seeing the
    lightdm background and then immediately the session background,
    now a solid gray background appears for a second between those two.

    I.e. there's some new code that "clears the screen" that needs to be

In gnome-flashback-metacity, it lasts for half a second, and it's a solid gray #808080 (I managed to get a screenshot of it).

In gnome-flashback-compiz, it lasts for 0.1 second so at first I was thinking it didn't happen there. It's solid white there though, not gray.

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