Re: [gnome-flashback] Issues with gnome-flashback on Ubuntu 16.04

On 05/12/15 18:45, Dmitry Shachnev wrote:

2015-12-05 18:34 GMT+03:00 Sebastian Geiger <lanoxx gmx net>:
I have been planning to finish work on the keyboard stuff before Ubuntu 16.04 will go
into freeze. So that Dmitry can still package it for 16.04. Currently I think I will find
the time during the Christmas Holidays.

So it will hopefully be ready in early January.
Thanks! But what are you going to implement? As I just said in another
mail, I don't much like the idea of using the GNOME Flashback input
icon because its behavior would be inconsistent with the rest of
My priority will be on implementing the candidate popup. So that its possible to input languages which require character selection (like chinese, japanese, etc.).

I was also thinking to improve the language indicator icon. Currently that icon only shows the selected language but its lacking a popup to change the selected language. Which Email are you refering to? If you don't like that icon thats fine with me, but we still need it on platforms that do not have the indicator applets that Ubuntu has.

Unfortunately I currently cannot test or hack on indicators because I am still on Ubuntu 14.04 and I cannot compile the indicators with jhbuild (I brought that up on the mailing list a few month ago if you remember).

What would be your preferred solution regarding input sources and indicators?

Dmitry Shachnev
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