[gnome-flashback] GNOME Flashback with GNOME 3.10

Hi all,

I tested GNOME Flashback with GNOME 3.10 on Arch Linux, and I found
the following new problems:

1. The mouse cursor is no longer visible, possibly related to this
change in gnome-settings-daemon (workaround is to disable GSD's cursor

2. No longer possible to shutdown or logout, because the corresponding
dialogs were dropped from gnome-session by this commit:

3. Panel menus are displayed as black text with black outline/shadow,
therefore it's hard to read/ugly.

GNOME 3.10 will be moved soon into our stable repositories on Arch
Linux, so I will have to drop gnome-panel package if these problems
are not fixed before that. Could someone help me to fix these issues?

György Balló
Arch Linux Trusted User

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