Re: [team-gnome-gr] Διαγωνισμός t-shirt για τα 20 χρόνια του Linux

2011/6/16 Mel Argyropoulou <bunnydee93 gmail com>:
Επισημαίνω ότι θα ήταν καλό να εξηγήσατε ότι είναι εύκολο να γίνει η
κανονικοποίηση των αποτελεσμάτων βάσει των ΙΡ, και ότι είναι απλό (και πολύ
πιθανό) να έχει "πειράξει" κάποιος τη δυνατότητα ψήφου του ως έχει.

Το πρώτο mail που έστειλα ήταν:

Α lot of my friends have reported that, while trying to access the
poll results, they have been allowed to vote more than once from the
same IP. I revisited the website and saw for myself that this is
actually true. Is this a bug or a feature? Αnd a lot of people have
been asking me how it is
possible for a design to gain more than 50% of the votes *overnight*,
having trailed at ~25% for all these days...


Hi George, thank you for alerting me. Our web architect is
investigating now. Will be in touch asap.

Δεύτερο mail:

Your website uses a cookie to detect if a person has voted or not.
Deleting this cookie allows for a person to vote as many times as she
likes. Moreover, one can use a command-line script (bypassing the
browser) to vote as many times as she likes (using curl or wget to
POST the vote). I have verified this on a small scale... There does
not seem to be any checking for unique IPs.

Your "web architect" can check for any sort of cheating by checking
your server logs to see if a large number of votes has originated for
the same IP. You might consider re-calculating the percentages based
on unique IPs...


Thank you, George. We're reviewing the IPs and will take action if it
appears the system has been "gamed" by the same IP multiple times in a
24-hour period. Will update you as we surface information.

Συμπέρασμα: Εγώ αυτό που καταλαβαίνω είναι οτι δε σκοπεύουν να κάνουν
τίποτα. Γιατί η τελευταία επικοινωνία ήταν πριν 2-3 ημέρες. Δεν
παίρνει τόσο πολύ για να διαπιστώσει κανείς τη λαθροχειρία, ούτε για
να την αποκαταστήσει.

Αυτό που με εκνευρίζει είναι οτι δεν απαντά ούτε θετικά ούτε αρνητικά.
Δηλαδή λέει οτι θα ενημερώσει, όμως δε λέει ούτε "δε διαπίστώσαμε
τίποτα", ούτε "υπήρξε πρόβλημα και θα το διορθώσουμε".

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