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--- Dave Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:

> Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> >> We should start this in the wiki:
> >>
> > 
> > You should look at and link to:
> > 
> > -- a list of
> the
> > documents we should have that several people
> including
> > Shaun worked on some time ago. 
> > I think it's easier to work with a set of
> documents
> > rather than a single great big monolith.
> That's the intention. The idea is to link our
> existing documentation to
> a nice skeleton for an ISD book/guide, and then work
> on making the
> standard of docs both good and homogenous (the
> combination of the two
> will be the hard bit). We're aiming squarely for the
> document that Shaun
> calls the "Quick Guidebook for ISDs" - the other
> guides will, in my
> mind, be chapters in the larger book project.
> There looks to be some overlap between
> and

DeveloperGuides is an overview of what documents we
need. I suggest you fold any similar ideas from other
pages into that.
IdealDeveloperDocumentation appears to be a shopping
list of points to cover. Does it correspond to one or
more documents listed on DeveloperGuides? 
Perhaps we should begin creating pages for each
document we want, and move the points there. 
Eg, a page 'Quick Guidebook for ISDs' which lists what
the document must cover. IdealDeveloperDocumentation
can then be deleted. The same goes for
CodenameGraphite. (Sorry Don -- we can keep the
project name, but it's easier if page names describe
what they are.)

> > It would be great if we got the docs team up and
> > running, as we've been barely a handful for some
> time.
> > Which reminds me, I must do some more work on the
> > Handbook and Style guide so these ninja
> documentation
> > writers know what to do.
> Cool, thanks.

Don't thank me -- you've just appointed yourself as
recruiter of ninjas!

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