Re: Improving GNOME docs...

Dave Neary wrote:
...and getting them into print

Hi all,

I have talked to Shaun about this idea already, and Andy Oram (on CC)
has been very generous with his ideas up to this point.

I have a dream. That when an engineer from a software developer goes to that he will be in awe of the quality and
organisation of our developer documentation. That ISDs will choose our
platform because it's so damn easy to get started. That a GNOME guide
for ISDs will become a bestseller, and will generate some money for the
foundation. That through working with a professional editor, the GNOME
docs team gets bigger and better.

And then let's start all over again with user documentation.

I would like to ask the foundation to budget some money for editing work
to generate a great guide to the GNOME platform for ISDs. And I would
like to have the result of that work get into print, and end up on the
coffee-table of everyone on this list.

So - that's my crazy idea. Thoughts?

I started some work on a TableOfContents for developer documentation and
then started working on it a bit.  Unfortunately, real life got in my
way and now I don't have enough time to really pursue it.

If there is interest in developing this more, I can import it into GNOME CVS. I have a typical gnome-doc-utils infrastructure set up for it already.


Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net>
IRC: smitten

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