Developers reporting bugs on manuals

Shaun wrote here:

What I suggest instead is that, for
any bugs that also need documentation work, you simply
move the bug to the docs
component when you would otherwise resolve them.  It
would also be nice to add
a comment at the end giving a quick synopsis of what
changed to the
documentation folks.  Is that reasonable?

This relates to recent discussion on d-d-l about
helping doc writers find what needs to be updated in
I've been pondering this, and I plan to propose
something like this to the gedit team after they
branch -- the gedit manual is nicely up to date, I'd
like to keep it that way, and we could use this to see
if it works with us and developers as a method of

The one thing I'd change from Shaun's proposal is that
I'd ask for a new bug to be filed, with reference to
the closed one. 
Several advantages:
- clean slate
- nobody on cc list who shouldn't be
- if the doc writer needs to get info from developers,
he can just NEEDINFO the bug.

What do you think?

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