Re: What's down, doc? Standartize - standartize ...

Hi Clytie,

Today at 5:55, Clytie Siddall wrote:

> Balsa, for example, has doc/ docs/ and /help. It's confusing. It
> would help to know which directory we need to attack, um, monitor. ;)

Sometimes even current maintainers don't know that ;)

Just kidding, but it's not uncommon to have obsolete docs still
sitting in different directories.  I think SVN migration will also
help us fix this once and for all ;)

> Also, I'm short of space, and it would help to know which directories
> I can safely prune from these packages, that won't sabotage
> translations later on. I started out with the /po directories, then
> had to check out the parent file ChangeLog and when
> adding new translations, then had to look for doc, docs or help for
> doc. translations. I'm a bit lost without space here.

For UI translations, you need exactly this:

(if some don't exist, that's ok since they sometimes complement each
other: also, if there is Makevars, you probably don't need configure.*

For gnome-doc-utils using modules, a minimal commit setup might be:

  module/help/ (to add your language to DOC_LINGUAS)
  module/ChangeLog (if there is no former)

where you pick up "module/help" part of the path from "CVS dir
(branch)" column on eg.

(it's no accident that it takes you directly to CVS-over-web display
of that same thing :).  Provided you use the PO/POT file generated by
the status scripts, else you'd need the module/help/C directory as
well (but, you'd probably want to have it anyway, if you want to
create localised screenshots!).

I wouldn't mind if you document any of this in prettier and more
understandable language on TranslationProject Wiki ;)

My initial guidelines are on


PS. Btw, next time stats update, they should list all untranslated
modules for each language as well, so it would be easier for everyone
to pick up what they are missing, and more in line with our UI stats.

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