Re: What's down, doc? Standartize - standartize ...

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 15:25 +1030, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> On 28/02/2006, at 11:07 PM, Alexander Shopov wrote (in part):
> > 1. We have po* subdirectories to hold the translations. We should  
> > expect the help to always be in help*
> I can definitely represent the less-experienced doc. translator here:  
> I've noticed docs/ and help/ directories. Should all the translatable  
> doc files be in /help? If so, that would simplify things.
> Balsa, for example, has doc/ docs/ and /help. It's confusing. It  
> would help to know which directory we need to attack, um, monitor. ;)
> Also, I'm short of space, and it would help to know which directories  
> I can safely prune from these packages, that won't sabotage  
> translations later on. I started out with the /po directories, then  
> had to check out the parent file ChangeLog and when  
> adding new translations, then had to look for doc, docs or help for  
> doc. translations. I'm a bit lost without space here.

Now, to be perfectly fair, translators (and documentations
writers) should be able to find where stuff is the same way
translators find out which modules to translate: by looking
on some sort of status page, like this one:

I've talked with Danilo and others before about setting up
a unified systems for tracking the status of documentation,
translations, and documentation translations.  And, for that
matter, any other status stuff we might want to get out of
CVS, such as an up-to-date list of maintainers.


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