Re: What's down, doc? Standartize - standartize ...

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 23:17 +0100, Danilo Šegan wrote:
> For gnome-doc-utils using modules, a minimal commit setup might be:
>   module/help/ (to add your language to DOC_LINGUAS)
>   module/help/ChangeLog
>   module/ChangeLog (if there is no former)
>   module/help/vi/
> where you pick up "module/help" part of the path from "CVS dir
> (branch)" column on eg.
> (it's no accident that it takes you directly to CVS-over-web display
> of that same thing :).  Provided you use the PO/POT file generated by
> the status scripts, else you'd need the module/help/C directory as
> well (but, you'd probably want to have it anyway, if you want to
> create localised screenshots!).

Danilo, clear something up for me.  Without full checkouts,
you can't run intltool-update to merge new translations into
your po file.  So translators are getting these by grabbing
updated files from the status page?

Isn't there a potential for clobbering translations?  As in,
I translate some strings and commit.  Then I grab a new po
file from the status pages, but the status pages haven't
updated since my commit.  So just overwriting my local copy
with that file could potentially clobber my translations.

Am I missing something?

As for figures, perhaps we could put the C figures on the
documentation translation status pages.  Better still, we
could put them on the status pages with some comments on
how to reproduce them.  We could put translator comments
before the imageobject element, and we could extract those
comments and display them with the images on the web.


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