Re: Role and function of the docs team

Hi :o)

> --- Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:
> > I think the docs team should be notified of
> > interface
> > changes as they are made, preferably with
> > screenshots.
> > Basically, the docs list should be getting details
> > of
> > new features and changes throughout the cycle, not
> > just during freeze. 

Another thing is that on all these mailing lists, invariably discussions
crop up in dark corners that would interest a much larger audience. An
example would be the current discussion about including a new game for
the next release cycle, not to call the GNOME games list a dark corner
that is ;) Another example could be our suggestion of providing VMware
images, this could interest people from numerous teams.

An idea would be to provide a wiki page or an "interesting discussion
announcement" mailing list. This would let people get into a discussion
early on and in the right place rather than at the end of it. It could
avoid having to scan many mailing lists in order not to miss important

Love, Karderio.

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