Re: Role and function of the docs team

--- karderio <karderio gmail com> wrote:
> Another thing is that on all these mailing lists,
> invariably discussions
> crop up in dark corners that would interest a much
> larger audience. An
> example would be the current discussion about
> including a new game for
> the next release cycle, not to call the GNOME games
> list a dark corner
> that is ;) 

I think a change of culture is needed, and that is
going to be a long and difficult process.
Send the gnome-games list a message asking them to
make sure they notify the docs list when they've
chosen a new game.

Another example could be our suggestion
> of providing VMware
> images, this could interest people from numerous
> teams.
> An idea would be to provide a wiki page or an
> "interesting discussion
> announcement" mailing list. 

That does actually exist.
And it would be a good idea -- once we've thrashed out
a basic "please keep the docs team informed throughout
the cycle" policy -- to announce it there. But someone
who has diplomatic skills can do it, ie not me.

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