Re: Network Monitor applet manual

Hi Breda,

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 10:58, Breda McColgan wrote:

> to answer your question, I do not generally build and install the docs to update
> the docs -- I check the docs out of CVS for that purpose. However, I do build
> and install the software module to see what changes have been made, which
> I think builds the docs too, so I can probably use that to check the figures?

	It depends. If you view the docs in the CVS dir, it will try and
reference the figures dir which (at the moment) is a sub-directory but
with my change won't exist anymore.

	On the other hand, if you view the docs where they are installed to,
then the figures do exist.

> The script that you suggested sounds like a good double-check.
> In any case, the advantages of the approach that you suggest seem to outweigh
> any potential disadvantages. Let's try your suggestion and see how it works out
> :)

	Okay, I'll go ahead - let me know if it causes you problems.


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