Re: themes for GNOME2 docs

I think the most sensible option is to use the default settings for the
desktop when you take a screenshot. Currently, the default frame style
is Crux, and the default theme is Default. If the screenshots reflect
non-default settings, users will become confused if the screenshots in
the documentation do not match what appears on the desktop. This would
impact first time users in particular.

I suggest that the GDP handbook should state that screenshots should use
the default settings rather than specify a particular frame style and
theme. It might be a good idea to document the default settings
somewhere - so that when we are taking screenshots, we can ensure that
our desktops use the default settings.

I don't think we should have any decoration such as drop shadows on the
screenshots - it is not necessary to make the screenshots stand out
further from the text, and it complicates the screenshot process. Also,
the drop shadow may not be suited to some types of image, for example,
anything that is not a window.

As an aside, there may be some usability problems with Crux. In
particular, the use of dark blue and black on the Close Window button
makes it difficult to see the 'x' icon on the button. 

Kevin Breit wrote:
> On Sun, 2001-12-16 at 01:35, Chris Lyttle wrote:
>     On Sat, 2001-12-15 at 19:07, John Fleck wrote:
>     > Folks -
>     >
>     > >From the current GDP Handbook:
>     >
>     >    All screenshots should be taken with the SawFish
>     >    (formerly known as Sawmill) window manager using the
>     >    MicroGui theme and Helvetica 12pt font. (A different window
>     >    manager can be used provided the MicroGui theme is available
>     >    for this window manager and the appearance is identical to
>     >    that when using the SawFish window manager.) The default
>     >    GTK+ theme(gtk) and font (Helvetica 12 pt) should be used
>     >    for all screenshots.
>     >
>     No No, a thousand times NO! I think we should go with the standard set
>     in the nautilus docs, ie crux gtk+, and sawfish crux. IMHO this theme
>     look so much more professional than microgui. But as Dan pointed out to
>     me one day on IRC, theres a lot more to it than just the theme choice.
>     For eg, not only is the the question of font size, but also color,
>     screenshot size, etc. Check out
>     /usr/share/gnome/help/nautilus-screenshot-guidelines/C/index.html on
>     your system for what Dan did for nautilus. This could easily form the
>     basis for a general doc on this. I also think we should go with drop
>     shadows for screenshot's, I think it gives the docs a very professional
>     look.
> I thought that Crux was going to be depreciated for Gnome 2.0 since it's
> so damn buggy!
> Kevin
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