Re: themes for GNOME2 docs

On Sun, 2001-12-16 at 01:35, Chris Lyttle wrote:
    On Sat, 2001-12-15 at 19:07, John Fleck wrote:
    > Folks -
    > >From the current GDP Handbook:
    >    All screenshots should be taken with the SawFish
    >    (formerly known as Sawmill) window manager using the
    >    MicroGui theme and Helvetica 12pt font. (A different window
    >    manager can be used provided the MicroGui theme is available
    >    for this window manager and the appearance is identical to
    >    that when using the SawFish window manager.) The default
    >    GTK+ theme(gtk) and font (Helvetica 12 pt) should be used
    >    for all screenshots.
    No No, a thousand times NO! I think we should go with the standard set
    in the nautilus docs, ie crux gtk+, and sawfish crux. IMHO this theme
    look so much more professional than microgui. But as Dan pointed out to
    me one day on IRC, theres a lot more to it than just the theme choice.
    For eg, not only is the the question of font size, but also color,
    screenshot size, etc. Check out
    /usr/share/gnome/help/nautilus-screenshot-guidelines/C/index.html on
    your system for what Dan did for nautilus. This could easily form the
    basis for a general doc on this. I also think we should go with drop
    shadows for screenshot's, I think it gives the docs a very professional

I thought that Crux was going to be depreciated for Gnome 2.0 since it's
so damn buggy!


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