Re: including fdl

"David C. Mason" wrote:
> It is not imperative to actually send the license out with all of our
> documents. We *must* include the text that appears at the bottom of
> the fdl which tells the reader that the document is covered by the fdl
> but to ship it with every doc would be ridiculous. Imagine opening you
> help browser and *every* single document you looked at had the full
> text of the license attached to it. We would be better served (in my
> opinion) to put links to the license in our documents - if we want to
> mirror that license somewhere on the GNOME site, that is fine but to
> send it with each and every doc will just confuse the reader with more
> information than they may care about.

I second this. For some of the docs the FDL would be twice as
much text as the doc itself. This would look stupid.


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