Re: gnome-db2html2 and i18n

* David C. Mason ( wrote at 21:27 on 25/08/00:
> Ali Abdin <> writes:
> > Well - I agree that it should be fixed but I don't consider it 'top priority'
> > really - I mean the whole document is 'translated' so having a few words taht
> > are not translated is not really a huge issue.
> > 
> > It /should/ be fixed before release though.
> I disagree - we push aside translation issues like this way to
> often. It is quite disconcerting to someone reading an interface and
> seeing one button not translated - the same goes for docs.

I am not saying that we should ignore - I said 'it should be done before
release' - but its is not a 'top priority' really - There are other bugs out
there that I would evaluate as more important to fix.

What would you rather have - entity support or a few extra translated words?
What about 'Prev/Next/Home' tags vs. a few extra translated words?

This bug is not being ignored/shafted - Its just that I evaluated it as a
lower priority than some of the other bug reports (and by the way if I do not
fix this bug in time for release its not because I'm 'ignoring' it - its
probably because I do not know how to fix it properly)
> We also need to make sure that if any changes are coming for the docs
> for 1.4 they get done SOON! Then we need to tell the translators
> because they had *no* chance to translate the 1.2 docs at all... and
> that is unacceptable.
> Translation should be as high a priority as documentation is.

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