Re: GNOME development tools; A more United future?

> yes, but unfortunately, I haven't heard too much from you for a long
> time. I even saw all of you unsubscribing from the gnome-db mailing
> list, so I even thought you are no longer interested in cooperating? :-(

Hey rodrigo. long time no see. I'm still subscribed to gnome-db. I just
dont say anything anymore. I'm just another one of those faceless
I'm not part of gnue much anymore.  Broke away and did my own thing
as everyone took an age to do anything, all talk no coding.  

> > Version 006 of bond
> > with the newest
> > version of GEAS would work with gnome-db.  But i've moved bond away from
> > GEAS so
> > no more gnome-db unforuntly.
> >
> but you can still use libgda-client (based on Bonobo) instead of libpq,
> and have, as an extra, access to several DBMS, not only Postgres.
> > The problem is that I need backend information from the postgresql
> > database like
> > what are the relationships, what type is this field, how was this table
> > created,
> > what is the view definiation, what does this value default to etc.  And
> > this is
> > very very database server specific, where i need to query the backend.
> > Gnome-db isn't
> > designed for getting this kind of information.
> >
> hmm, yes, gnome-db is designed to get this kind of information. Some of
> the things you mention, such as the types of the fields, the definition
> of views, is already available in gnome-db. Of course, some things are
> missing, in which case you just have to send me a mail with your
> proposal, and if it makes sense, it would be added to gnome-db.
> The architecture is made to allow this kind of extensions, so it's
> really, really easy to add all this.

Be a pain for someone to go though each db and find out how to get the
and add the support.  But I can tell you what information i use from
SQL. The
other thing is i've started to use comments a wee bit in database for
special rules for fields.  Can I query libgda still just like I would
for libpq?
> > In previous versions of bond this information was stored, and had to be
> > created, seperatly,
> > so it was possible to use gnome-db.
> >
> and still is, really :-)
> Specially since libgda is almost 100% ported to GLib 2.0, which is
> something that interested you some time ago, if I remember correctly.

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