Re: GNOME development tools; A more United future?

Jeroen Zwartepoorte wrote:
> Hi,
> I have one question: how does this tie in/work with gnome-db?
> Jeroen

Hello Jeroen.

No it doesn't work with gnome-db.  It was designed initally to and I
have worked
with the gnome-db people before on other projects.  Version 006 of bond
with the newest 
version of GEAS would work with gnome-db.  But i've moved bond away from
GEAS so 
no more gnome-db unforuntly.

The problem is that I need backend information from the postgresql
database like
what are the relationships, what type is this field, how was this table
what is the view definiation, what does this value default to etc.  And
this is
very very database server specific, where i need to query the backend. 
Gnome-db isn't
designed for getting this kind of information.   

In previous versions of bond this information was stored, and had to be
created, seperatly,
so it was possible to use gnome-db.

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