Re: Gnome on MI/X X Server

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> According to the result from xdpyinfo to WiredX,
> |number of extensions:    2
> |    MIT-SHM
> |    SHAPE
> only two extensions have been supported at present.
> >From our experiences, MIT-SHM was needed to make Imlib, which was
> included

We support SHAPE.  Maybe I'm missing something important about
the MIT-SHM extension.  We haven't included it because 1. the Unix 
Shared memory APIs don't translate well to Windows and 2. It would
only be useful for local clients and we're mainly concerned with remote
clients.  Gnome is running on a Linux box and talking to a remote 
X Server (MI/X)

In one of my tests, I did find something crashing in Imlib.

 -- Dave Williss
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