Gnome on MI/X X Server

(Pardon if this is a repeat, I think a miscofigured mail server
caused this to bounce the first time.)

Has anybody here tried Gnome against the MI/X X Server
from MicroImages?  (

I've tried it with the version of Gnome that was installed by
Red Hat 6.1 and got some weird results.  The default window
manager core dumps in some image library.  Then the bar
at the bottom flashes on 1 second intervals with nothing on it

The version of Gnome in Red Hat 7.0, which I assume is
newer nothing ever comes up.

The reason I ask all this is that we're getting ready to
release a new version of MI/X (3.0) and it will have XDM
support.  If I log in via GDM on my Red Hat boxes, the
GDM part works, but not gnome-session. 

We've also fixed many cosmetic issues regarding window
borders and icons, added TrueType font support and you
can now define the server as being bigger than your display
and it gets scroll bars and a little overview window.

 -- Dave Williss
Meddle not in the affairs of dragons,
   for you are crunchy and taste good with catsup

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