Re: Gnome on MI/X X Server

The new MI/X is R6, but perhaps I'm missing some extension.  What
in R6 did it require that R5 didn't have?

Just for laughs, I put a break-point in ProcQueryExtension() to see
what extensions were being requested that we don't support and
here's what I found:

MIT-SHM extension is not supported for non-local clients (duh :-)

XKEYBOARD is not supported.  XFree86 doesn't seem to have it

MIT-SCREEN-SAVER not supported.  (Windows has its own screen

We also don't have the XFree86-Misc extension or
XFree86-VidModeExtention.  The Misc one seems to deal with
mainly keyboard and mouse settings and the VidMode extension
is obviously for an X server that lets you muck with hardware
video settings on-the-fly.

Is there something here that Gnome can't live without?  If so, we could
at least give it a fake version that wouldn't do anything but could give
Gnome fake values.

Or is there some other thing we're not supporting that Gnome needs.
>From my tests, it seemed that it was dying in some image library, and
I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that we provide a
32-bit visual instead of 16 or 24.  It seemed like some buffer got
overrun and then it crashed.

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> I don't know if this is the problem with this new version, but I remember
> last time I tried to use GTK or GNOME on MI/X I ran into problems with the
> fact that it was only X11R5,  it seems that (at least parts of) GTK and/or
> GNOME require an X11R6 server.
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