Re: Gnome on MI/X X Server


I also have developed X server, WiredX and my experience may help you.

We are providing our pure Java X server from and
I'm writing this e-mail on Evolution, Ximian Gnome, RedHat 6.2,
which are running on WiredX in multi-window mode, Windows98SE and J2SE

On 10 Apr 2001 13:05:45 -0500, Dave Williss wrote:
> Or is there some other thing we're not supporting that Gnome needs.
> >From my tests, it seemed that it was dying in some image library, and
> I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that we provide a
> 32-bit visual instead of 16 or 24.  It seemed like some buffer got
> overrun and then it crashed.

According to the result from xdpyinfo to WiredX,

|number of extensions:    2
|    MIT-SHM
|    SHAPE

only two extensions have been supported at present.
>From our experiences, MIT-SHM was needed to make Imlib, which was
in RedHat 6.0, to work correctly, but recent Imlib will work without it.
However, without it, some apps, for example, wmaker, will print out many
messages. If you need to run enlightenment, SHAPE extension will be
but if you choose other window manager, the missing of that extension is
so harmful. And then, the missing of some visual type is not also
becase I could run Gnome environtment on WiredX with 8bit-gray, 16bit,
24bit, 32bit.

So, IMHO, if you run recent Gnome, which is included in RedHat 6.2 or
X extensions will not relate to your problem.

ymnk, JCraft,Inc.

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