Re: EOG for GNOME 1.4 - use eog-0-6 branch

Christian Rose <menthos df lth se> writes:

> I don't think this is the way to do it. Traditionally, the Window menu is
> for *switching* between already existant windows, and only that. The File
> menu is where all creating of new stuff, closing existing stuff, saving
> and opening goes.

Agreed.  Than gnome-libs are plain wrong; libgnomeui/gnome-app-helper.c;

	 * Window menu
        { GNOME_APP_UI_ITEM, N_("Create New _Window"),
          N_("Create a new window"),
          NULL, NULL, NULL,
        { GNOME_APP_UI_ITEM, N_("_Close This Window"),
          N_("Close the current window"),
          NULL, NULL, NULL,

I doesn't look to me as if this items are considered to go into the File
menu...  At least, it's needed to remove the comment ;)

> Take a look at other apps. Where will you find the "new window" option in
> most cases? In the File menu. Moving it elsewhere is only confusing for users.

Yes, but they should use "_New" or roll out their own entry.

> If you by "the UI department" mean people on gnome-gui-list gnome org,
> this was the opinion from one of those people ;-)

Great!  What's up with this "Window menu"?  Is it allowed to appear in

> I really think this is something that should be solved in the German
> translation alone. You can use other key accelerators; it does not have to
> be the initial letters in the words, for example. Using a letter in the
> word gives you plenty of shortcut options.

Sure.  This is what we have (in gnome-libs):

    _Open         -> Ö_ffnen
    _New          -> _Neu
    _Save         -> _Speichern
    Save _as      -> Speichern _unter
    _Close        -> S_chließen

    New _Window   -> Neues Fenster (?, okay, I'll use _r)
    _Close Window -> Fenster s_chließen

And make sure, Close and Close Window will never end up in the same

Happily, we've E_xit and _End Game.

[I still believe you're not allowed to use "New _Window" in File...]

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