Re: EOG for GNOME 1.4 - use eog-0-6 branch

On 18 Feb 2001, Martin Baulig wrote:
> > I don't think this is the way to do it. Traditionally, the Window menu is
> > for *switching* between already existant windows, and only that. The File
> > menu is where all creating of new stuff, closing existing stuff, saving
> > and opening goes.
> > Take a look at other apps. Where will you find the "new window" option in
> > most cases? In the File menu. Moving it elsewhere is only confusing for users.
> This is also how it's done in Nautilus.
> > If you by "the UI department" mean people on gnome-gui-list gnome org,
> > this was the opinion from one of those people ;-)
> >
> > I really think this is something that should be solved in the German
> > translation alone. You can use other key accelerators; it does not have to
> > be the initial letters in the words, for example. Using a letter in the
> > word gives you plenty of shortcut options.
> I also don't like changing the UI for only one language very much.
> Btw. what do you think about my suggestion to do it in the same way it is
> done in Nautilus ?

I think that's a great suggestion.


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