Re: [gnome-db] PATCH: Convenient functions API change, added new function and improvements

Please send me your modifications, I'll reviewing the entry code and error messages to have a better API and easy use...


2006/10/12, Vivien Malerba < vmalerba gmail com>:
On 10/12/06, Daniel Espinosa < esodan gmail com> wrote:
> Thanks for your sugestions, I'll review the code to speed up the update of
> GdaDict and the unrefing the GObjects. Of course about the identation I'll
> modify ASAP.
> I'm working in gda_create_table to improve it (and a API change) to easy its
> use, then I'll send you the PATCH again with all this modifications.

I've already made some of the modifications myself in my code, so
please either wait that I commit it or if you prefer I can send it to
you and you can send it back to me afterwards (to avoid merging
problems...) Tell me.

> As a comment, I'm trying to allow GnuCash ( to use GDA, then
> I'll use the convenient functions and in general GDA, may this result in
> improvements in the general GDA as in gda_create_table.




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