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On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 17:44, Neil Zanella wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 16:33:43 +0200, Iago Rubio <iago rubio hispalinux es> wrote:
> > From my point of view, the data source being stored on disk or on memory
> > is irrelevant.
> > 
> > You can even ask your user, "Do you want to save this data source ?" and
> > act according.
> If I asked the user, I'd have to let the user know why I was asking to do such
> thing. Is it so that the configuration can be retrieved on the next session.

You're answering your own question.

Q: Why I ask you to save the configuration ?
A: To retrieve it on next session.

> Wouldn't a windows program use the windows registry here? I'm clueless
> on this issue, and let me tell you, I read the docs, and they don't say
> a thing about _WHY_ one would want to write to disk.

It's a common practique in DB world.

To browser DBs, is not as to browse the web where you use to jump from
one data provider (web server) to other.

To connect to a database use to be a repetitive task. If you code a
database program, usually is to access a database that will be there for
a long time.

To enter connection's data each session you want to access your CDs
database or accounting database, use to bother users.

They want to configure the connection and - if it worked - use the same
configuration over and over.

That's a good reason to store configuration data on disk.
> > GtkWidget* confirm;
> > gint response;
> > 
> > confirm =
> >        gtk_message_dialog_new
> >                (NULL,
> >                GTK_DIALOG_MODAL,
> >                GTK_MESSAGE_QUESTION,
> >                GTK_BUTTONS_YES_NO,
> >                "Do you really want to enter this configuration on each connection ?");
> > 
> > response = gtk_dialog_run( GTK_DIALOG(confirm));
> > I hope this helps, but better wait for an authoritative answer.
> > 
> > Remember I'm just starting to play with libgda :)
> Me too, just found it very recently, but in any case, even though I don't
> have to write that file and probably never will, I am still not satisfied as
> to why ANYONE would want to write it.

Is exactly the same think as to store on disk your PPP connection data. 

Once configured, NOBODY wants to enter it each time he connects to the

I really don't see the reason why you're so socked about it.

The same apply for your POP connection data, your IMAP connection data,
your IRC connection data, ...

> It's just that the documentation really emphasises this file, which really
> seems like a laughing matter to me given that other DB APIs don't require
> it,

False, try to connect to an ODBC provider with oofice as example.

No way but to write the data provider configuration on disk.
>  and that the docs don't explain why it is required.

It's not a requeriment, it's a feature.

>  Sorry if I am really
> stuck up with this file. It just drives me nuts when the reason for
> something is not given in the docs. 

Take into account that those are developer's documentations and there'll
be no room for concise explations on the whole thing.

> That really makes me mad.

Oh! Please, calm down, breath strong twice, put your eyes in the
horizon, and find your karma :)

It's nothing to drive mad anyone :)
> As it stands it just reminds me of when windows asks you to
> reboot the system after an install when not necessary at all.

I don't see the point here.

> Why should a tutorial for beginners emphasize a useless
> feature that uses the file system?

1) Try this code:

if( strcmp("API documentation","Tutorial for beginners") == 0 )
	printf("It have some sense");
	printf("It's a nosense");

2) It's not AT ALL a useless feature. I bet you'll end storing your
configuration on disk (or receiving a big bunch of mails from your users
asking why the hell they must write down the connection string each time
they want to access the database).
> It's a database API,
> isn't it? 

Sure, and *most* database APIs stores configuration data on disk.
> Well, people, besides my bad temper in these
> few days, which I hope you can forgive, I am sure that
> there are lots of things I'm missing regarding this issue,
> hence, I will appreciate very much anyone who can point
> out my lack of understanding.

It seems you got blind by the disk storable configuration, and did not
read the docs with care :)

It also seems you've got a deadline or anything that drives you on

But please, don't make the people in this list pay for it.

They're doing a great job. They put a powerfull tool in our hands. They
are also humans, they have their problems, and also have deadlines.

Please read "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" at


You'll see guys in this list have been really polite. They could have
answered "RTFM" and they didn't do it.

Please, don't take offense.

Iago Rubio   

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