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Alle 12:43, domenica 7 marzo 2004, Dru ha scritto:
Please, allow me to bring some contribution to this thread.

> Overall vision:

Should not you know them already, have a look at:

Rekall, a clone of MS Access (runs on Qt):

GNUccess, another clone of MS Access (alpha):

GNU Enterprise:

Mozilla SQL native interface:

XULMaker, a Visual GUI builder for Mozilla/XUL:

They can be a source of inspiration and, maybe, the people working on these 
project could be willing to cooperate with you.

> Forms creation.
> I think we all seem pretty confident in glade here. thats solved.

Glade is fantastic. I vote for it.

As an alternative, have a look at Mozilla, XUL e XULMaker. The way they create 
and manage the program GUI could bring to a "GUI Building/Management 
Standard" in the future. It could be nice to be there at that moment.

> Reporting
> Report Designer.

Have a look at the report designer of Rekall for inspiration.

I vote for not wasting time in creating a specific Report Designer and Report 
Engine. Just make your data available to OpenOffice, AbiWord and KOffice and 
let them do the job. Wordprocessors and Spreadsheets are well-known by 
end-users and can make a great job on reporting.

> None of have anything here (expect gnue).  Its needed. I was thinking
> orginally using openoffice or abiword to design reports but i really
> havn't started looking at this at any detail. Any suggestions on how we
> are going to achive this? Does this sound feasible?

OpenOffice: can exchange data via UNO (its own interface) and has a large part 
of what you would need. It is much more mature than other systems, as long as 
I can see. I vote for OpenOffice.

AbiWord: I have never seen it working on my machines, so.... :-(

KOffice: can exchange data via DCOP and other protocols. It has many 
interesting features that you can use. Not available on Windows, as long as I 

> Database Administration/creation.
> This should be handled by mergeant.

Have a look at DBDesigner 4,  as well. Its is quite MySQL-oriented and has a 
lot of small GUI problems but it is interesting. Those DBD4 people could be 
intersted in your getting involved in your project. 

Rekall can be another source of inspiration. Have a look at Rekall's 

> The Politics.

There are at least 4 or 5 different projects around dealing with the 
development of a RAD toolkit for the development of data-centric 
applications. I cannot keep myself for suggesting all the involved people to 
concentrate their efforts on a single, common project. See above for the 
addresses of the other projects.

See you

Alessandro Bottoni

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