Re: [gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 05:29:43PM +0100, Rodrigo Moya was heard to remark:
> > > Its broader than that.  I want two abilities:
> > > 1) the ability to take data, be it from sql, an xml file, or 
> > >    something ephemeral that came over a socket, and convert
> > >    it into a set of C-language objects that can be manipulated
> > >    and searched and operated on.  (Note that a possible data
> > >    source is a gtkentry widget...
> > > 2) the ability to suck data out of the c-language objects, and
> > >    shove that data back to an sql database, or to an xml file
> > >    or to a socket, or into a gtk widget (for display) or into
> > >    an abiword document (for display). 
> > 
> > This sould VERY much like .Net's ADO.  At least to me.
> > 
> that's also basically what libgda does. Not the socket stuff, but the
> other things are already available via libgda and libgnomedb.


I can't beleive you just said that. Let the flame wars resume.
What DWI/QOF/gnucash currently does, and what gnomedb DOES NOT DO

-- an object query system. libgda does not.
-- a uuid system. libgda does not.
-- an object persistance infrastructure. libgda does not.
-- a multi-user object caching and cache-coherence system. libgda does not.
-- a data-set partitioning system. libgda does not.

This is maybe the fourth or fifth time you've said that "gnomedb
does this" and maybe the fourth or fifth time I've said that 
"gnome db has the wrong abstractions in place to correctly 
support these necessary features!"


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