Re: [gnome-db] GRAND MASTER PLAN

Silvana Di Martino wrote:
Alle 12:43, domenica 7 marzo 2004, Dru ha scritto:
Please, allow me to bring some contribution to this thread.

Overall vision:

Should not you know them already, have a look at:

Rekall, a clone of MS Access (runs on Qt):
GNUccess, another clone of MS Access (alpha):

GNU Enterprise:

Mozilla SQL native interface:

XULMaker, a Visual GUI builder for Mozilla/XUL:

They can be a source of inspiration and, maybe, the people working on these project could be willing to cooperate with you.

I like rekall for what it is but its kde so i excluded it orginally, its properly the most mature workable solution out there. I'm just trying to look at gnome here. gnue i wont go into. Mozilla i never paid enough attention because of my shortsigntness in assuming its just a browser technology. But i recently did a project in xul. Its a interesting powerful perspective.

Report Designer.

Have a look at the report designer of Rekall for inspiration.

I vote for not wasting time in creating a specific Report Designer and Report Engine. Just make your data available to OpenOffice, AbiWord and KOffice and let them do the job. Wordprocessors and Spreadsheets are well-known by end-users and can make a great job on reporting.

If word processes and spreedsheets did a good job of reporting people wouldn't be using ms access and crystal reports and whole raft of other solutions for doing reporting under windows. word processers only offer a limited solution for reports.

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