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> Alle 12:43, domenica 7 marzo 2004, Dru ha scritto:
> Please, allow me to bring some contribution to this thread.
>> Reporting
>> Report Designer.
> Have a look at the report designer of Rekall for inspiration.
> I vote for not wasting time in creating a specific Report Designer and
> Report
> Engine. Just make your data available to OpenOffice, AbiWord and KOffice
> and
> let them do the job. Wordprocessors and Spreadsheets are well-known by
> end-users and can make a great job on reporting.

What we're doing here is working out how to marry the features of
WordProcessors and Spreadsheets with the requirements of Data intensive
programs to produce something better than what has been done before.

>> None of have anything here (expect gnue).  Its needed. I was thinking
>> orginally using openoffice or abiword to design reports but i really
>> havn't started looking at this at any detail. Any suggestions on how we
>> are going to achive this? Does this sound feasible?
> OpenOffice: can exchange data via UNO (its own interface) and has a large
> part
> of what you would need. It is much more mature than other systems, as long
> as
> I can see. I vote for OpenOffice.
> AbiWord: I have never seen it working on my machines, so.... :-(

I don't think that someone who has never even seen our projects has the
right to tell people in GNOME-Office what to do.

> KOffice: can exchange data via DCOP and other protocols. It has many
> interesting features that you can use. Not available on Windows, as long
> as I
> know.
>> Database Administration/creation.
>> This should be handled by mergeant.
> Have a look at DBDesigner 4,  as well. Its is quite MySQL-oriented and has
> a
> lot of small GUI problems but it is interesting. Those DBD4 people could
> be
> intersted in your getting involved in your project.
> Rekall can be another source of inspiration. Have a look at Rekall's
> "copiers".
>> The Politics.
> There are at least 4 or 5 different projects around dealing with the
> development of a RAD toolkit for the development of data-centric
> applications. I cannot keep myself for suggesting all the involved people
> to
> concentrate their efforts on a single, common project. See above for the
> addresses of the other projects.

Yeah, like the K-company would be interested in supporting GNOME
technology :-)

It's hard enough trying to marry projects which use GTK!

Still nothing wrong with stealing code (if it's GPL) and ideas (unless
their patented).


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