Re: [gnome-db] Mergeant + FileMaker

>>>Is there some plan to give to Mergeant the possibility to import 
>>>FileMaker files and convert them to a specific database (PostgreSQL or 
>>If someone create a GDA provider for filemaker, then yes.
>>>Will Mergeant be able to import data stored in a spreadsheet file? 
>>>(Excel, Gnumeric, OpenOffice ...)
>>If someone creates a GDA provider for those file formats.  Of course, if
>>applications support GDA themselves you may be able to do the reverse. 
>>data into a GDA supported database via Gnumeric which supports both Excel
>>and GDA.  Open Office would be tougher, as I don't think there is even the
>>beginnings of GDA support.
>Open Office does supports ODBC though... there is a good article on it
>Perhaps an ODBC driver based on GDA is needed! (only half joking...)

There is a GDA provider for ODBC sources, I think.  But I can't think of any
data sources that GDA supports, and ODBC doesn't.  Except maybe LDAP,  but I
don't think the GDA:LDAP provider works (yet).

Ximian keeps talking about integrating Open Office with GNOME, so ?maybe? that
will include GDA.... Probably dreaming here.

Maybe Mono could be used to build a data conversion application?  It supports
GDA (or so I'm told), does it also support ODBC?  

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