Re: [gnome-db] Mergeant + FileMaker

>Is there some plan to give to Mergeant the possibility to import 
>FileMaker files and convert them to a specific database (PostgreSQL or 

If someone create a GDA provider for filemaker, then yes.

>Will Mergeant be able to import data stored in a spreadsheet file? 
>(Excel, Gnumeric, OpenOffice ...)

If someone creates a GDA provider for those file formats.  Of course, if those
applications support GDA themselves you may be able to do the reverse.  Load
data into a GDA supported database via Gnumeric which supports both Excel and
GDA.  Open Office would be tougher, as I don't think there is even the
beginnings of GDA support.

>I found a short article on the web (Michelle Muttain, I think, was the 
>name of the author) explaining how to import part of the FileMaker files 
>into PostgreSQL. Does anyone have any experience of this kind of procedures?

Sure, I move data around pretty much for a living.  Never had experience with
File Maker though,  my current bane is DBF files for which no GDA or ODBC driver
exits on any platform but windows.

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