Re: [gnome-db] refactoring completed

On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 10:55, Andrew Hill wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Ok, the refactoring to a non-CORBA based architecture is done, only
> >missing a couple of details and crashes :-) but the big change is
> >already done, and things are more or less working.
> >
> >There are different things that need to be done, and so I'm writing them
> >here to keep things moving and have people help me in some of these. So,
> >here they are:
> >
> >* there is a problem in libgda/libgda/gda-recordset.c, and so data is
> >not being returned correctly.
> >
> >* libgda/libgda/gda-config.c is still using GConf (which has itself
> >CORBA dependencies). I think we should replace that with a simple
> >file-based API that simply uses ~/.libgda/config as its source. I think
> >we could use XML for the format of that file, and just have something
> >like:
> >
> ><config>
> ><entry name="/apps/libgda/Datasources/dsn1/Provider">PostgreSQL</entry>
> ><entry
> >name="/apps/libgda/Datasources/dsn1/DSN">HOST=localhost;DATABASE=db1</entry>
> >...
> >
> >* we need a GdaSqlParser object, which converts a SQL string into an
> >in-memory representation of the SQL query, so that it can easily be
> >processed.
> >
> I have one of these if you want it. Written using lexer/bision, I was 
> planning
> on doing some more work on it over the next week or 2.
hmm, Gonzalo started some work on a bison/lex-based parser, but he
stopped because it causes many problems, specially that as soon as a
syntax error is found, the whole parsing process stops, which may not
fit our needs.

So Gonzalo was thinking on using a GScanner-based parser, which will
allow us to know exactly where the syntax error is, thus being more
powerful for our needs.


> >* we need to do the work on the bindings: help the gnomemm project in
> >the libgda C++ bindings, and prepare the bindings for the other
> >languages. Anyone interested in this part?
> >
> >* now writing new providers is really easy, so anybody wanting to add a
> >new provider, please do. Also, help on the incomplete ones (Oracle,
> >ODBC, Interbase, Sybase, etc) would be appreciated.
> >
> Can i give you a list of stuff i need from gnome-db? Though it may
> break some of your api, mean extra work.  I think most of it would only 
> work on
> SQL92 compatible databases.  Things like what constraints are set up,
> what comments are on fields, tables. what functions exist, what is the 
> content
> of the function, default values, field types, views, how views 
> constructured etc.
yes, please send the list.


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